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Quality Construction Product Rental Services

Helping construction teams of all sizes with obtaining permits and providing equipment and operators is our goal and mission at Kinser Crane Service of West Chicago, IL.

Our team has provided the best crane rental services for over 40 years, providing projects of all sizes with the tools needed to get the job done on time and below budget.

Other Construction Accessories

We provide a wide variety of quality accessories most construction companies may find cumbersome to own, including:

  • Concrete Buckets
  • Hardline Radios
  • Material Boxes
  • Pallet Forks
  • Spreader Beams

Regardless if you are looking for a simple hard line radio, or one of our scissor lifts (J L G 19 and 26 ft., 30 in. wide,) we are ready to make sure you have what you need to finish the project safely, swiftly, and below your operating budget.

What Makes Us Different

We are focused on providing you with the best services possible, with transparent pricing and business services that will eliminate uncertainty while helping you keep control over your project budget.

We also provide onsite storage and trucking services, if your job site isn't ready.

We never apply fuel surcharges, and our 24/7 team will help you with everything from obtaining permits to selecting the right crane capacity (30-300 ton.)